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    What are some advantages of a wood fence? Wood provides a great ability as a sound barrier. Gives a warm and comfortable look to a backyard. What are some disadvantages of a wood fence? It does require diligent maintenance to keep it looking good and its longevity. Wood in the Okanagan tends to twist with the summer’s heat. Why do knots fall out, creating holes? Knots are denser and expand and contract at a different rate than the surrounding wood, which over time loosens the bond between them. Is there anything that can be done to prevent discoloration/twisting/cracking of the wood? Protecting the wood with a good quality stain or clear coat will help minimize these effects. What is the maximum height I can build a fence? Regional bylaws dictate this. On average though, you are allowed 6’ in the back and side yards. 4’ in the front. Corner lots have other requirements that may limit you to 3’ in certain areas. Are there rules on who gets the finished side? Not really. It all comes to preference and in the end, whoever is paying for it, usually gets to make the decision on what they want to see.
    What are some advantages of a chain link fence? Chain link is by and large one of the most cost-effective fences you can get. Chain Link is maintenance-free. Various colours are available. What are some disadvantages of a chain link fence? Not as private as a solid fence. Privacy Slats can be added, but still not 100% block for privacy. Are there different block rates in privacy slats? Yes. Main block factor rates are 75% / 80% and 90%. Can you raise an existing chain link fence to be taller? Yes. A lot will depend on the existing post size and quality though if making it a substantial height increase. Are there different qualities of chain links you can purchase? Yes. There are different thicknesses of posts/pipe as well as different gauges of chain link fabric.
    What are some advantages of a vinyl fence? Maintenance-free is a big thing nowadays – vinyl fences offer that No rotting of materials (like wood) over time. What are some disadvantages of a vinyl fence? In colder temperatures, vinyl will be more brittle and susceptible to breaking if hit hard. Vinyl fences are built to have movable parts as it needs to expand and contract with the weather temperature changes. This means there is zero ability to use the fence as a small retaining wall (which is not recommended with any fence – but especially with vinyl). What keeps a gate post solid if the parts are to be kept free and movable? A steel gate post angle iron is inserted into the center of the post and concreted in. This solidifies the post allowing it to hold the gate level. Can a Vinyl fence be installed on a sloped yard? Yes. The panels are able to rack and allow a fence to follow the grade of the land.
    Can an ornamental fence be installed on a sloped yard? Yes. The panels are able to rack and allow a fence to follow the grade of the land. Most popular brands allow approximately 30” over 8’ of drop. What is the spacing between pickets? 4” is standard. You can however acquire ‘doggy’ panels that close that gap at the bottom to approximately half of that.
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